Digital Waffle
The Challenge

How can we improve our success rate when hiring non-experienced recruiters?

As founders of a small recruitment business, we preferred to hire people without recruitment experience.

This meant we had to provide all the necessary training, which was challenging because it required a significant amount of our time.

Unfortunately, we often lacked the necessary time, resulting in high attrition and low success rates.

Consequently, only one in three hires worked out.

The Solution

Build a robust onboarding schedule for new hires & a culture of continuous improvement

Digital Waffle partnered with Recruitment Mentors to address the onboarding plan as the first step.

After providing them with an onboarding template that they could customize for their business, they mapped out the first month of training for all new hires.

This helped increase the chances of new hires being successful using the Recruitment Mentors Learning Platform.

After successfully implementing this, the focus shifted to recruiters already working within their teams but no longer in the onboarding phase.

They were provided with a safe space for weekly learning, utilizing Recruitment Mentors to address skill gaps identified with their managers. Recruiters then shared their key takeaways and actions from the weekly personal development sessions.

The Result

The business successfully scaled from 8 recruiters to 25 recruiters in 12 months

After implementing a robust onboarding schedule and weekly learning sessions, the company successfully hired non—experienced talent on a consistent basis.

They found themselves having an edge over their competitors when acquiring the talent they wanted due to their compelling training plan that many people were looking for.

In addition, continuous learning sessions have significantly reduced the time it takes for consultants to complete their first 360 deals.

Previously, this process took 5 months, but now it takes only 2 months. Furthermore, recruiters with less than 12 months of experience are generating twice as much new business with new clients compared to the previous year.

3 Key Results
Reduced the time it took their consultants to complete their first 360 deal from 5 months down to 2 months
Grew from 8 to 25 recruiters within a year
New Business gnerated with the amount of new clients doubled
Andrew Ward
Co-Founder of Digital Waffle
"As founders of a growing recruitment business, Hector has helped our team perform better and consistently, allowing us to scale our business while creating a better environment for our employees - Scaling successfully wouldn't have been possible without Hector as our partner"

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