Founders Story

We’re on a mission to change the perception of the recruitment industry for good.

The founders story

Meet our founder Hishem Azzouz

He also hosts the globally listened-to Recruitment Mentors podcast. As you can probably tell, he’s passionate about recruitment.

But he will be the first to admit that being a recruiter is extremely tough. After all, he’s been there. Like many, he struggled to progress in his early recruitment career but refused to give up.

So he decided to take control of his own success and began learning everything he could to discover what it took to be a successful recruiter. (Which back then consisted of mainly learning on the job and consuming old training content online 😅 )

It was here where his passion for self-development and learning was born. He firmly believes that the path to a better future for the recruitment industry is making excellent training accessible for many.

If we achieve this, we have a chance for the recruitment industry to become one of the most valued and respected sectors across the global economy. There’s a long way to go. But he founded Hector to help do just that.

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