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Our consultants complete their first 360 deal twice as fast, enabling quicker profitability with new hires. Training and development through Recruitment Mentors doubled our job-to-fill ratio across all teams within 8 months.

Lorcan O'Halloran
Director - at Trilogy International

New starters feel like they have a home and a sounding board by being able to listen to successful recruiters who work in different ways. They have also learnt things that have then rubbed off onto the rest of the team, the time it has taken new starters to get up and running has dramatically reduced

Andrew Ward
Co-Founder of Digital Waffle

We’ve seen a positive increase in business development performance recently. Our consultants have gained optimism and support for transitioning to 360 recruitment by learning from other industry professionals.

Dane Carter
Sales Director at NST Recruitment

Hector gives our business leaders more time to create training material and provides additional ideas and topics for team discussions. It helps keep the team up-to-date with hot topics and market trends, ensuring that they have the resources they need for success.

Jon Briginshaw
Manager at 83zero

Yesterday I attended a live learning sessions and it was by far one of the best trainings sessions I have ever attended in my 2 years in recruitment.

Stephanie Kennewell
Associate Consultant

One thing that stands out is the vast library of content that Hector has. In this current climate that is ever-changing, it is great that there is so much content to cover all of today’s challenges.

Qasim Asghar
Managing Director

From all aspects, it is all so personal. For the training it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach, you can adapt it to what your team needs.

Martin Lawes
Managing Director

The platform is super different to what else is out there on the market. We felt that our consultants would get more on board with learning from people who are experienced, top billers and are currently working in recruitment, which has definitely been the case.

Jonny Wolff
Head of Growth

The platform has helped me with all different aspects of my recruitment, from cold calling to business development. There are so many people you can learn from within the industry and they all bring so much value.

Henry Marriner
Recruitment Consultant

The platform has been great for my Business Development, learning from multiple different people has given me plenty of new ways to approach my BD differently.

Jack Walsh
Cyber Security Specialist Consultant

I would definitely recommend Hector – coming into recruitment with no experience, I have been able to learn so many new ways of doing things. It has really supported me as I start my recruitment journey.

Lucy Godwin
Senior Recruitment Consultant

I have completed several courses on Hector. It was on stuff I already knew, but it gave me the wake-up call I needed and helped me get back to basics. Since being part of Hector, my motivation levels have been at an all-time high, and I have had brilliant monthly performances ever since.

Melica Moshiri
Solo Founder

It is such a great resource – recruitment can be such an insular profession, so it is great to hear from other professionals outside of your company and hear their points of view on things. I have been able to pick up so many useful tips and tricks to use in my day-to-day.

Madi Stambolis
Senior Recruitment Consultant

Compared to a lot of other onboarding experiences, this has been super high touch and personal, which has been great. The investment from your side to make us have the best impact has been clear and really good.

Henry Norton

The biggest impact since joining Hector has been gaining clarity on my processes. It’s hard as a solo founder to stay on course and not question yourself when things get tough. Learning from others in the same boat or knowing that what you’re doing is working for others has been brilliant.

Conor Farley
Solo Founder

When we’re doing the live sessions, we all join in together—usually about five of us, though sometimes even more. We really enjoy these sessions because they lead to discussions which is important because otherwise, everyone is a bit stuck at their own desks with their own work.

Phoebe McShannon
Business Development Manager

Hector has provided me with different viewpoints and touchpoints that have enhanced my approach. Each person has their own processes, and through the training, I’ve gained insights into various ways to target my audience more effectively.

Izaac Clarke
Managing Consultant

We’ve recently joined Hector as we knew we needed to offer more of a tailored training programme to our team, particularly our junior recruiters. The variety of training on offer is great and we look forward to seeing what is accomplished both on a personal and business scale.

Louise Graely
Marketing & Operations Manager

The thing I would mention the most when recommending the platform is the huge amount of content that you have, which is relevant to whichever stage you might be at in your career – there is something for everyone.

Dafni Maridis
Senior Recruitment Consultant

The biggest positive has been the amount of time you took to understand our needs and what we are looking to achieve from using Hector, and tailoring your service to meet those needs.

Ashley Hudson
Founder & Director

From coming into Recruitment with no experience, I have gained so much confidence from the platform. Jumping on and watching one course per day has got me up to speed really quickly.

Charlie Jackson
Talent Consultant

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when you’re a solo founder; accessing practical tips/advice from other top-performing recruiters and being part of a group of other solo founders on a similar journey has been excellent.

Alex Young
Solo Founder

One of the courses I found super useful was all about LinkedIn outreach, I never knew that you could do voice notes, and since trying them out, I have had a ton of success with lots of people coming back positively to my messages.

Rebecca Perumal
Senior Employment Adviser

The lines of communication have been great from the start, we have been clear with what our goals are as a business and you have been able to provide advice on how exactly Hector can help with that.

Michael Budd
Co-Founder & Director

The best thing has been that the training has been delivered by external experts in the industry. Other products we’ve used were just one or two internal people delivering the training which gets a bit repetitive – I think differentiates it from anything else in the market.

Terry Andreou
Head of Talent Services

I really like the platform, I think it’s a great idea, and I love all the different sessions you guys have. I think they are well presented and always have a number of great action points.

Dan Burke

The platform is a hub of knowledge, you would be silly not to see the value in learning from those who are in the industry and are the top performers in their organisation.

Laura Nisoli
Senior Consultant

Before joining Hector, I felt isolated and lonely as a solo founder. It’s hard not to have anyone to bounce ideas off. Also, I have no training resources, and Hector provides excellent training for recruiters by still active recruiters compared to learning from trainers who did the job 5+ years ago.

James Parker
Solo Founder

I think the videos have been really helpful in getting me better at hitting my goals. They have given me different approaches that I otherwise wouldn’t have done. I was stuck doing the same thing and now I’m trying new things out and becoming more successful

Ellie Buxton
Senior Recruitment Consultant

The kick-off calls have been great, sitting down and talking about each of our consultants – working out where they are and what learning strategies you would suggest for each consultant has made the process so personalised.

Toby B
Recruitment Team Lead

I really appreciated how the whole process has been tailored specifically to our needs, such as the personalised course plans created for us, which has meant everything has been integrated really quickly and effectively.

Rob Alldritt

The platform has helped us to think outside of the box and think of new ideas, sometimes you can get stuck in the habit of just trying the same thing over and over – so that is something we have all managed to benefit from as a team.

Ammaar Wahab
Senior Recruitment Consultant

You guys are not slowing down and are always evolving your product, with all the new live sessions you have planned and now the new in-person meetups you are organising.

Matt Byrne-Fraser
Senior Managing Consultant

The best aspect of the onboarding has been having you as a dedicated CSM. It has helped make the process so smooth. We knew that, should we have any issues, we could contact you straight away to help!

Ryan Donaghy

My confidence and ability to relax has gotten much better. It’s comforting to know that how I’m feeling is valid in the sense that a lot of people go through the same stuff I’m going through. Hector is a community.

Cassandra Krome
Recruitment Specialist

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