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Our consultants complete their first 360 deal twice as fast, enabling quicker profitability with new hires. Training and development through Recruitment Mentors doubled our job-to-fill ratio across all teams within 8 months.

Lorcan O'Halloran
Director - at Trilogy International

New starters feel like they have a home and a sounding board by being able to listen to successful recruiters who work in different ways. New starters have, in turn, learnt things that have then rubbed off onto the rest of the team. The time it has taken new starters to get up and running has dramatically reduced

Andrew Ward
Co-Founder of Digital Waffle

We’ve seen a positive increase in business development performance recently. Our consultants have gained optimism and support for transitioning to 360 recruitment by learning from other industry professionals.

Dane Carter
Sales Director at NST Recruitment

Hector gives our business leaders more time to create training material and provides additional ideas and topics for team discussions. It helps keep the team up-to-date with hot topics and market trends, ensuring that they have the resources they need for success.

Jon Briginshaw
Manager at 83zero

I’m now more open to finding new ways of attracting clients/candidates using voice notes. Since implementing this approach, I have seen an improvement in my response rates. I had never considered this approach before learning on Hector.

Jaden Meah
Recruitment Consultant

Yesterday I attended a live learning sessions and it was by far one of the best trainings sessions I have ever attended in my 2 years in recruitment.

Stephanie Kennewell
Associate Consultant

One thing that stands out is the vast library of content that Hector has. In this current climate that is ever-changing, it is great that there is so much content to cover all of today’s challenges.

Qasim Asghar
Managing Director

From all aspects, it is all so personal. For the training it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach, you can adapt it to what your team needs.

Then the Customer Success team has made the other side of things so personalised too and things get done quickly if you need help or support with something.

Martin Lawes
Managing Director

The platform is super different to what else is out there on the market. We felt that our consultants would get more on board with learning from people who are experienced, top billers and are currently working in recruitment, rather than get the team to sit through large presentations with a load of documents, which has definitely been the case.

Jonny Wolff
Head of Growth

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