Energi People
The Challenge

Previously, all of our training was led by the managers of each team, with 70% of training being ‘on the desk’.

As this was led by the managers who are also the top performers, this took time away from them working on their own desks, which, in the long term, results in less money for the business.

We also have a large team, and people learn very differently.

Some people are very good at picking things up purely from on-the-desk training, whereas others learn well from and fully engage in that classroom environment. Whereas for other people, that’s a complete turnoff.

The Solution

Hector enabled us to give time back to the managers whilst still delivering a top-class level of training to our consultants.

One of the great things about the platform is being able to give people access to lots of different people and voices, which is something that we love about Hector.

We originally started with five consultants on the training platform, but we have already scaled this up to eighteen with a view to add more due to the positive impact it has had on the business.

The Result

The team has really improved by understanding that there are different ways to do recruitment!

Originally how we did things all stemmed from myself and the senior leadership team, but if we kept this up everyone would work in the same manner, which we didn’t want.

We were keen on new ideas and new approaches to executing how we do recruitment. We never would have achieved this if we hadn’t partnered with Hector.

3 Key Results
Month on Month GP growth since implementing Hector
Reduction in job to fill ratio
Increase in average billings per head after implementing Hector
Alexander Christie
Managing Director of Energi People
"Since partnering with Hector, we have seen the significant impact it has had upon the business with all of our consultants now able to have access to so much information that they can implement into their working day, which has resulted in an increase in our monthly GP every quarter since December."

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