The Challenge

Running a small recruitment business can be extremely tough; you must wear several hats at all times, which can result in essential activities like upskilling & training the team never happens regularly.

Being the co-founder of a small, growing recruitment business, you have to wear several hats and managing your time is one of the most challenging aspects of the job.

Because of this, we always found it hard to support our team with their development consistently.

Especially in the areas they needed the most support, like Business Development.

We knew how important it was to make the time for training, but more often than not, we couldn’t consistently find the time in our busy schedules.

The Solution

Implement an internal training process using Hector to upskill our team in crucial areas whilst giving us time back to keep working on the business.

We implemented Hector as a weekly non-negotiable for our consultants by creating a safe space for them to learn each week.

We enrolled them in the most relevant courses in line with the consultant’s skills gaps. (Business Development)

Due to the training only being delivered by current top performers from a variety of sectors, we found the training to be highly current for today’s market.

Which in turn massively helped our team improve and gain overall confidence to do more business development.

The Result

The team significantly increased their important ratios like CV to Interview Ratios, plus did their first 360 deals.

Due to Hector’s help to up-skill our team, our team were able to close their first few 360 deals and have massively improved their KPIS.

We noticed a massive difference in our team proactively consulting their clients on processes, pushing back with candidates and overall having a lot more confidence in their role.

3 Key Results
The team closed their first two 360 deals after implementing Hector.
150% increase in the number of 1st stage interviews booked after implementing Hector.
The team increased their CV to Interview ratio by 17% after implementing Hector.
Qasim Asghar
"The aftercare and support from the Customer Success team have exceeded our expectations. The whole service has been super professional, from the support when getting us all set up, to the consistent check-ins to make sure we are maximising the product."

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