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The Challenge

How can I gain back the time I’m spending up-skilling my team so I can invest the time on the highest leverage activities to grow our recruitment business.

As a co-founder of a growing recruitment business, managing my time is one of the most challenging aspects of the job.

With a million and one things to do, prioritising the most important tasks that move the business forward can be a challenge.

One of my top priorities is up-skilling our team.

I take a very hands-on approach and give them my time, but this often means neglecting other parts of the business that also require my attention.

The Solution

Implement an internal process to enable our team to continue to improve their performance without overly relying on my time as the co-founder.

We implemented Hector as a weekly non-negotiable for our consultants by creating a safe space for them to learn each week.

We enrolled them in the most relevant courses in line with the consultant’s skills gaps.

Due to the training only being delivered by current top performers from a variety of sectors, we found the training to be highly current for today’s market.

We were able to gain access to innovative approaches that we could apply to our processes in the Healthcare sector.

It was a massive bonus for us as we’re big believers in building a Healthcare recruitment business on a consultative approach that typically isn’t found in the Healthcare space.

The Result

The business has seen a considerable increase in the quality of work produced by the team while having more time to grow the business.

Due to Hector’s help to up-skill our team, I have been able to dedicate so much more time to interviewing for our business and getting in front of more great talent for our company.

Whilst the team has massively improved in the crucial areas we set out from the start of our partnership with Hector, the number of CVs sent has massively increased, the number of candidates added to the system has massively increased, the number of target clients added to the system has risen massively, and in turn, this has had a knock-on effect on our overall billings performance.

3 Key Results
90% increase in CVs sent after implementing Hector.
30% increase in Jobs added after implementing Hector.
15% increase in contractors booked after implementing Hector.
Ryan Davis
Co-Founder of SHR Group
"Due to the training only being delivered by current top performers from a variety of different sectors, it has enabled us to implement new approaches to our overall strategy that we would never have thought of without implementing Hector"

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