Trilogy International
The Challenge

How do we get more of our consultants self-sufficient at winning their own client more quickly?

Most of the training was on the job, leaving consultants to learn how to acquire clients through trial and error and seeking help from their direct line managers, who were focused on their own targets.

Many consultants failed to learn how to win clients through experience alone, or it took too long.

Our training was heavily reliant on individuals responsible for client acquisition, which made it time-sensitive. However, it lacked structure and a clear plan.

The Solution

Reduce the Business Development skill gap & the time it takes consultants to do their first 360 deal

Trilogy partnered with Recruitment Mentors to create a tailored learning pathway for consultants becoming 360. This ensures consistent training on modern and effective business development methods.

To ensure implementation and follow-up, the leadership team held weekly internal round tables where consultants shared what they had learned that week on Recruitment Mentors, their key takeaways, and their plans for the following week.

Furthermore, the team created their own ten commandments for high performance based on what they learned from Recruitment Mentors.

The Result

Halved the time it took for consultants to do their first 360 deal & doubled their job-to-fill ratio

By implementing consistent learning and round table sessions, the company developed a culture of continuous improvement and saw real performance improvements.

With new business development strategies, consultants improved their market performance.

In just eight months, they went from not winning any business to consistently securing higher-quality business each month.

3 Key Results
Reduced the time it took their consultants to complete their first 360 deal by half
Increased their job-to-fill ratio from 15% to 31%
Consultants won three times as many A & B jobs in their first 12 months
Lorcan O'Halloran
Director at Trilogy International
“The overall service from Hector has been top-class. When we reviewed all the performance statistics, it was clear that Recruitment Mentors has been one of the best investments we have made for the Irish business to date”

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