How to not become a top performing recruiter

How to not become a top performing recruiter | Ten things that will ensure you won’t be a top biller…

#1 Talk about how much you’re going to out-bill everybody.

The first rule of being a biller everybody hates is telling the rest of the recruitment team that you’re going to out-bill them.

We’ve all worked with one (or two) of these people in our lifetime.
If you’re someone who does this, please stop.

#2 Take advice only from “experienced” consultants.

Although the sentiment of only taking advice from experienced people makes sense, a top biller mindset is about taking inspiration (and information) from your surroundings.

Don’t underestimate the power of a great conversation with someone more “junior” than you or someone who doesn’t work on the sales floor.

#3 Put too much emphasis on clients.

We’ve said it thousand times over.

If you put your clients on a pedestal and don’t focus on anything else, you will only suffer in the long run.

Your clients are your candidates and vice versa – so having the mindset that clients rule the world is wrong.

You’ll never reach top biller status if you spend all your time chasing clients.

#4 Use too many (or too little) KPIs.

There are two types of people in recruitment (who don’t become top billers).

Person A, The KPI hater. This individual never gets far because they feel “restricted” by KPIs and see them as the enemy.

Pearson B, The KPI Obsessive. This individual never gets far because they have to measure themselves so vigorously that it takes over their day.

Things like phone times and dial-outs are a thing of the past.

Instead, a TRUE top biller will look for smart KPIs that are measurable, sustainable, and motivational.

#5 Blame mistakes on other factors aside from yourself.

True top billers know they aren’t perfect and aren’t the finished article.

Making mistakes is a part of the recruitment rollercoaster, and blaming your mistakes on others to appear to have a “clean slate” is no way to be in work (or life).

The best recruiters will always hold themselves accountable the minute you start pointing the finger at other people; you’re going to struggle.

#6 Use “The Wolf Of Wall St” as your only source of inspiration.

Or American Psycho, Succession, or Suits. They are satirical and drama’s for a reason – not real life!

#7 Don’t read or listen to podcasts (or educate yourself)

Although listening to a podcast won’t automatically guarantee you are hitting top biller status, what we do mean is to focus on continuous education to improve yourself – through one external medium!

#8 Get your team to do your “dirty work” for you.

You should be a source of information, inspiration, and guidance for your team.

Being a billing manager is one of the most challenging and most rewarding roles out there, so getting your team to do your “dirty work” – admin, making you coffees, setting up meeting rooms; is a reliable way to becoming the most hated billing manager on the sales floor.

#9 Become complacent.

You smashed your target, so you took your foot off the gas and stop doing everything that helped you achieve the record month.

The quicker you become complacent, the quicker you will lose

#10 Don’t prioritise your candidates.

Like we said earlier, a great top biller will value their clients and candidates equally – because, in effect, they’re the same.

#11 A final bonus one for you.

Possess the mindset that you have ‘completed’ recruitment after however many years you have been in the industry.

You will never complete recruitment & the learning never stops.

All of the best recruiters will share this mindset.

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