Tips from top billers | Create an action at the end of each call to warrant a follow-up

Tips from top billers | Create an action at the end of each call to warrant a follow-up

Jay Guney, Associate Director at Digital Gurus shared some incredibly valuable insight on this.

“It’s important to consider the context of following-up, as situations are heavily nuanced. However, relationship and rapport is everything.

You should always have something actionable or agreeable on your last call or communication, giving them a reason to want to take a call or speak to you.

Then, send a diary invite to lock them in. Also, a follow-up doesn’t just have to be a phone call or an email. Get Face time as much as you can! MS Teams/Google Meets/Zoom is also just as effective.

Ask yourself – “if I was this person, would I take a call from me? What value are you adding?”

Creating content for LinkedIn: Candidate edition

Content creation is something I have advocated for 5+ years. When I started my journey in recruitment, I relied on content and creating a personal brand to win me business, and allow me to stand out from my competitors.

Content creation wasn’t as popular back then as it is now, and recruiters are slowly starting to see the long-term value that great content can provide.

There is always a heavy emphasis on creating content to appease clients, when in reality – your candidates are your clients, and vice versa. Therefore, they should be treated the same and given the same amount of value.

If you have no idea what to create content about, you’re not alone. Great content is made to feel relevant for the person consuming it. So in my experience, the best way to come up with content ideas that will hopefully connect with your candidate network is by thinking about those people first.

You have to really get in your candidates head to understand what they want. Think about the following questions and write down what comes up for you in simple bullet points.


  • What are some of the biggest professional challenges that they’re having to work through right now?
  • What are they motivated by, what are their goals professionally and personally?
  • What is keeping them up at night, what are some of their biggest worries professionally?
  • If they could get help with one thing that would help them professionally, what would it be?

The answers that you write down to these questions are your content ideas.

Practical exercise

If you find the above hard to answer, then I would seriously get to work on understanding even more about the people in your market.

However, a great task that you can do that will equip you with practical content ideas whilst helping you get on the phone is the following.

I want you to pick up the phone to ten candidates, ideally people you may already have a relationship with, and ask them the following direct question:

What content topics would you find really useful or valuable for me to be talking about on Linkedin, I’ve recognised that I can be doing more for my network, and one of the ways I can help my network further is by sharing content that people find helpful.

If you take action on this task please do let us know how you get on!

The 10-minute formula

Here is a 1-week, 10 minute formula to follow to get you started on creating content on LinkedIn for candidates:

This formula can be adapted and changed as time progresses, but as you can see there is an equal split of company content, curated content, and original content, as well as cues for how you should interact and grow your network as time progresses.

Each post should take no longer than 5 minutes to put together, and is largely reliant on you staying disciplined and organised – rather than being a genius at content creation!

BONUS TIP: If you want to extend this to another 10-15 minutes per day, make sure you’re commenting on other people’s posts within your market. This helps you to build your brand and gets your name out in front of even more people. If you do this every day, you’ll be surprised by what could happen!

15 post ideas you can use today: 

  1. A poll (Not a working from home one, these have been done to death)
  2. Written market update once a week
  3. Re-share an industry article with your commentary.
  4. Re-Share an industry relevant podcast that you have listened to.
  5. Shared white paper or a case study that your company has done.
  6. Re-share an industry related video.
  7. Original created video
  8. Image of a statistic
  9. Screenshot of a tweet that you have seen by an industry leader.
  10. Interview tips post.
  11. Personal blog that you could also share on the company website.
  12. Answer candidates frequently answered questions.
  13. Personal update. (People connect with people!)
  14. Candidate testimonial or LinkedIn recommendation.
  15. Hot jobs. (Just make sure it’s  not ALL jobs)

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