Maximising your day so you don’t burn out…

Maximising your day so you don’t burn out…

Burnout is something you’re going to experience as a recruiter at least once in your career, and unfortunately for a lot of us, entering a state of burnout (particularly in the early days) can happen before we even realise it.

But, although burnout can be largely influenced by the type of organisation you’re in, you can also control burnout yourself by starting to get in tune with how you work, what you need to stay motivated, and ultimately know when to stop pushing yourself to the limits.

In recruitment, there are a ton of metaphorical plates that you’re spinning every day.

From managing candidates through a process, to BD, to remembering to eat your lunch (put the 4th coffee down, please) there always seems to be a million things going on at once.

I talk about day plans a lot on the podcast, and a lot of guests willingly share how they stay organised.

But, I’ve noticed it’s usually prefaced by “things can always change though” – and it got me thinking, what practices can we all do that aren’t rigid, help to manage burnout, whilst still enable you to maximise your day?

Go on a walk for at least 15 minutes during your day.

Who remembers this meme circulating during lockdown?

Sometimes, it was the “silly little daily walk” that kept a lot of us sane, so why have we chosen to throw this practice out the window even though the majority of us still work remotely or have hybrid working models?

Whether you are in the office or not, being glued to a screen or having a phone to your ear all day isn’t good for you, and it isn’t conducive to being productive, either.

Taking 15 minutes to leave all technology, and go on a walk can help you to readjust, reduce stress levels, and take some time for yourself.

Even if you walk to go and get a coffee or go around the block, this is a small ritual that reduces your chance of burnout. Set that boundary!

TIP: If you’re a manager, it’s important to lead by example with your team.

Check in to make sure people are spending time away from the desk, and make sure you do, too.

Write out your to-do list the night before.

This has come up time and time again on the podcast, and upon reflection, it’s a simple thing we can all do each day to stay organised and reduce the chance of us getting stressed and burned out.

A simple to-do list before you leave the office enables you to finish the day with clarity on the next, and also ensures you don’t forget anything important as you can write it down whilst it’s still fresh in your mind.

INSIGHT: I would say this habit is the most common time management habit you will find consistent high performers in recruitment have in common, I have been doing this for sometime now & it’s a game changer, it helps me switch off & leave work once I have left the office.

Be militant with your meetings.

Yes, billing managers, I’m talking to you.

I know you’re being pulled from pillar to post, but does it need to be a sit-down meeting?

Does it need to be a 20-minute long conversation?

Does it have to be on video?

Be strict with your meeting times and don’t be afraid to set boundaries.

Also, give yourself 5-10 minutes inbetween each meeting.

I know it sounds impossible, but it’s the incremental changes that make the world of difference.

INSIGHT:  I would say whenever I have a day of back to back meetings where I didn’t do this I regret it & I feel exhausted not energised by the end of the day.

Focus on productivity, not the number of hours worked.

We’ve spoken about productivity tips a ton of times in this newsletter, but it’s time to really focus on this, even if it’s one day a week.

Working late and extending your hours doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re being more productive, so set yourself goals to a) finish on time and b) time yourself for certain tasks so you can keep yourself accountable.

Say no more often.

To clients, to candidates, to colleagues.

This is a bit of a taboo statement in recruitment as we are often told that we have to be on, all of the time, and need to go above and beyond to be successful.

And, a lot of that is true most of the time.

But, if you are burnt out, too busy, and feel mentally drained – you won’t perform at your best.

If a client is being unreasonable and not respecting your time, do you even want to work with them?

We are all human, and saying no and setting a boundary is the #1 thing you can do for yourself to reduce the risk of burning out!

What are your tips for maximising your day so you don’t burn out? We’d love to hear them…

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