Mindset + Burnout | How to set yourself up for January to avoid new year burnout

Mindset + Burnout | How to set yourself up for January to avoid new year burnout

In our most recent edition of the Limitless Learning newsletter, we covered how you can spot burnout within your team.

But, let’s get into something a little more specific in this edition: setting yourself up to avoid new year burnout.

We’ve all done it – cruised through December, thinking “this is a project/task/action” for January.

Then, January comes around – and you’ve lost momentum due to having time off.

So, you start to cram all of your tasks – by the time it’s the end of January, you’re already feeling burned out.

Here are 5 things you can do to set yourself up for January – to avoid burnout and come into the new year feeling FRESH!

#1 – Clean your desk and clean your virtual space

Did you know that 96% of recruiters voted themselves as disorganised?*

No one likes life admin, and no one likes in-person office admin.

But, if you’re working in a hybrid (or remote) model, it’s time to do a spring (winter) clean and organise the stacks of papers you no-doubt have piled on your desk, old CVs (GDPR!) and endless sticky notes and to-do lists.

This also extends to your virtual space: go through your database and clean up your call lists, make new ones, and ensure that your inbox is tidy, organised, and prepped for the new year.

Clean desk/space = clear mind.

*I made that up, but it’s probably true…

#2 – Get new year catch-ups booked in now and pipeline for January

You know all of the catch-ups you have before you finish for Christmas?

The ones that are enjoyable conversations and usually a lot more light-hearted?

It’s time to finish those calls with a diary invite sent, and a catch-up locked in for the second week of January.

This covers both clients and candidates – even better if you can secure an in-person meeting such as a coffee or lunch.

This enables you to get straight into it after the Christmas break and also secure your clients/candidates’ time before your competitors can swoop in!

If you run events or meetups, get one scheduled for the end of January and have invites sent out, ready to go!

Preparation is the best thing you can do for your desk, so don’t wait until January to pick up the phone or send an email to find out about hiring – get ahead of the curve.

#3 – Keep it thoughtful with scheduled messages (you’ll thank yourself later)

For the clients and candidates you can’t lock in for meetings in January, create draft emails (scheduled send on Outlook is the best) reach out and conduct follow-ups for the second week of January.

That way, when you return in week 1 you can see who has (or hasn’t) responded and follow up quickly without having to think of what to say.

Equally, a Christmas e-card (or holiday e-card if your client doesn’t celebrate Christmas) is a great way to stay front of mind, and also be thoughtful toward your clients and candidates.

If you have any placed candidates starting in the new year – schedule a message to send to them on their first day, or even organise a card to arrive for when they get to their desk.

It’s the little things that will keep your relationship strong, encourage referrals, and enable you to jump right back into recruitment when you return in January.

#4 Set Boundaries

If I had a £1 for every time I spoke about boundaries in this newsletter, I’d be a very rich man. But, even though I sound like a broken record – I can’t stress enough the importance of setting boundaries during this time. And, this means internally, too.

It seems to be a universal experience in recruitment that we’re all running around like headless chickens in the run-up to Christmas, and internally – you can sometimes have random projects or tasks sprung upon you. It’s important internally to set your boundaries during this time, give yourself a deadline and communicate that with your team. For example, if you’re a manager – make sure that your team is set up for the new year at least a week before everybody is due to leave for Christmas. Not only will you (and your team) feel organised, but it means if anything unexpected comes up that you have the capacity to deal with it.

Externally, boundaries are just as important. Communicate to clients when you’ll be working up to and don’t be afraid to turn away projects or put them on hold so you aren’t overstretched. Clients will appreciate your honesty much more, and they’ll see that you’re an individual who respects their time – and that’s not a bad thing!

In this current market, it can be easy to be a “yes” woman or “yes” man in the run-up to Christmas. Don’t be that person.

#5 Rest and reflect

Before you eat your weight in food over Christmas or take another sip of mulled wine – make sure that you actually take the time to rest and reflect. It could be something as simple as going for a long walk once you’ve “finished” for Christmas and spending time with your thoughts.

Or, it could be yoga, meditation, or even reflecting with a friend – whatever works for you.

What went well this year? What didn’t go so well? What do you want to achieve when you come back? And, what are you going to do to ensure that you can hit the goals youve set for yourself?

Reflection doesn’t have to be journaling or meditation by the way – but it is all about making time for yourself before you enter the holiday season so you can feel balanced and aligned!

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