2022 recap

2022 recap

As we (very quickly) approach the end of 2022, this is also the 40th edition of the Limitless Learning newsletter!

For those of you who have been subscribed since day #1, thank you.

And for those who are new to the Limitless Learning journey, we’ve got a great wrap-up edition for you before we dive into 2023.

So, what did you all love reading about the most this year?

  • How to improve the candidate experience
  • Client commitment
  • Having a Top Biller Mindset
  • Building a watertight client roster
  • Building sustainable habits

Here’s a great recap of all the “best bits” to date…

How can you improve the candidate experience?

Tip #1 – Listen

Not only will this allow you to coach and consult better (because you’ll be listening to what you need to hear instead of what you want to hear, but it will enable you to decipher very quickly if a candidate is going to take an offer or not.

Tip #2: Know them personally, so you can coach them better

To coach and consult, you need to understand the inner workings of your candidates.

How do they like to communicate? What is going on in their life that may influence their decision-making?

Do they sometimes need tough love, or do they need a softer approach?

Tip #3: If the job isn’t right for them, tell them!

Focus on what is important for the candidate, not what is important for you.

Sometimes, you’ll have situations whereby you know in your gut that an opportunity isn’t right, but there’s a voice in the back of your head convincing you that it will be “fine” – it won’t!

You have a duty of care with candidates, so always focus on the candidate’s success and giving them a good experience.

And finally, make feedback a priority.

How to get client commitment from day #1

#1 Give yourself a limit on how much competitive work you are willing to accept

In an ideal world, we’d all be retained or working exclusive roles on 30%, but in reality, not everybody works in this type of environment, and it may not work for your market.

Competitive work doesn’t always equal bad work, either.

But, if you spend all of your time working competitive roles, how will you elevate yourself and create a sustainable desk? You simply won’t.

Instead, set a boundary and allow yourself to work a set amount of competitive roles at any time.

#2 Always ask for exclusivity

If you don’t do this already, this should be a standard part of you winning a role from a client.

Exclusivity equals better service, a better go to market strategy, and enables you to have a better relationship with the client.

If the client isn’t willing to give you exclusivity, find out why.

#3 Pitch retainers or mini-retainers

Retainers in recruitment are evolving all the time, so whether you do a refundable retainer, a non-refundable retainer, a retainer “lite” or something different – getting upfront commitment in the form of payment is the goal.

#4 Always explain how it adds value

The whole point of working exclusively or on a retainer is so it’s a partnership.

You want the client to value the service you provide, so make sure you explain that service before you ask for anything from them. 

This is largely down to your consulting and sales skills, as well as how you approach a negotiation!

For example, if a client isn’t willing to give you an exclusive role now, agree with them that if you fill the competitive role first, they will work with you exclusively on the next three roles.

Clever compromise is what I like to call it.

The client still has an element of control but you are working towards getting that commitment.

It’s all about demonstrating your track record and value and what they will get out of it.

#5 –  Build your ideal client matrix

What would make a perfect client? And, what opportunities are you VERY confident you can fill?

You can use this to consult and educate clients on how they can improve their processes, salary bandings, employee benefits – and so much more.

The 10 ways to cultivate a top-biller mindset…

#1 I’m looking at mistakes as learnings instead of what I did wrong.

#2 I’m humble & don’t think I’m better than others.

#3 My clients & candidates are equally as important.

#4 Long-term gain over short-term wins.

#5 Team work is key (and so is cross-selling)

#6 There is enough business out there for everybody.

#7 I know my worth & when to say “no”.

#8 I’m always looking at how I can improve.

#9 Feedback is key in every aspect of my work.

#10 I set boundaries with my time & my energy.

How can you build a watertight client roster?

Step 1: Data is king: assess how much each of your clients are spending and group them into A, B, and C.

A = Biggest spenders

B = Average spenders

C = Spot business

All the clients in group A should then be graded into the following sections:

Consistent: This is a client that uses you on a monthly or bi-monthly basis as a minimum.

Sporadic: They may spend a lot of money with you, but no more than once a quarter or even a couple of times a year.

Then, look at group B and do the same.

In reality, group C probably won’t formulate your watertight client roster until you’re able to bump them up to B or A and you have them in the “consistent” bracket.

Step 2: Look at who you’re connected to within the business and how can you improve it!

Visually seeing what the annual and quarterly spend is, as well as how many hiring managers you’re connected with and the terms of business, will enable you to see what you’re currently doing with these clients and where you could improve.

Step 3: Who can you move on to a retained or long-term agreement model?

This may not be possible for all of your clients, but consistency comes from creating agreements that secure you business and enable you to be a true long-term partner for a client.

Whether this is moving onto a retainer model, or even something that resembles an embedded or RPO model, look at something that can be consistent for both parties.

Step 4: Now, look at your “spot business” (tier c) section and see what improvements can be made.

Now, this is where people can go wrong with their client roster – don’t ever neglect clients who give you spot business.

Sure, there will be some clients that you’ll never be able to move up to the “next step” – but the vast majority you should be working on in the background.

Just because your “A” client is great now, doesn’t mean that by tomorrow things could drastically change.

Repeat the same process using the table above and create a sustainable plan that will enable you to consistently work on tier C clients in the background.

Step 5: Review your efforts quarterly

Recruitment as we know it has drastically changed over the past 5 years.

And, more so now than ever before – you must keep up with the pace.

Reviewing your efforts quarterly and looking for incremental improvement across all of your clients will enable you to keep a watertight, but also fresh, client roster.

Review, plan, and take action. You’ll feel more confident – and you’ve got a much higher chance of being successful.

What sustainable habits do great recruiters have?

#1 Client catch-ups

Whether they are a current client or a prospective one, never underestimate the power of a monthly catch-up. It could be a call, a text, a zoom, or a coffee – don’t forget it! Make sure you’re adding value to these calls every month.

#2 Candidate catch-ups

The same goes for candidates, too.

Placed, not placed, or in process (obviously) – catch-ups are a priority.

Remember, how can you add value each month? Is it sharing content, insights, or news?

#3 Check in with yourself

Too often in recruitment, it’s easy to get swept up in your own world when you’re busy and trying to build a sustainable desk.

Check-in with yourself once a month from a technical, personal, and growth perspective – set goals and stick to them for the following month!

See you in 2023!

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