Our curated list of “top tools” that a recruiter needs

Our curated list of “top tools” that a recruiter needs

The world of recruitment has evolved exponentially.

Especially when looking at tech and tools.

I remember the early days of being a consultant and having (pretty much) nothing more than a phone and a LinkedIn Licence.

A lot of us will remember the days of “old school” recruitment – and although this is still an incredibly effective way to run your desk, we are lucky to have a number of incredible tools at our fingertips.

Here is our ultimate-curated list of “top tools” a recruiter needs.

We’ve split it into three sections: Market Intelligence, BD, and Productivity.

Market Intelligence


This is probably one of the most popular tools that readers of this newsletter will be familiar with – and for good reason, too.

“SourceBreaker enables recruiters to make more placements from their existing resources by unleashing the power of AI & automation on vital everyday recruitment tasks.

Reduce the time spent on traditional manual processes and make use of freed-up time to build relationships with candidates and clients.”

Search for great quality candidates, get ahead of every live role, and automate your processes – not to mention the incredible resources and intelligence at your fingertips to share with clients and candidates.


Get high-converting B2B leads and prospects without all the research and admin”

Selligence is an incredible market intelligence platform combined with sales, marketing, and customer success.

It’s a full suite of services but particularly useful for recruiters who are looking to enrich their data as well as get the most out of it for candidates and clients.



SourceWhale works for in-house and agency recruitment teams, and works as a smart tool to optimise your recruitment process:

“SourceWhale was built for optimising recruitment. It integrates with your favourite data intelligence tools, preferred CRM and existing outreach channels to save time so that teams can deliver more revenue with the same effort.”

It enables you to do 4 key things:

  • Reach candidates and prospects in record time
  • Accelerate your existing process
  • Gain insights into what works
  • Integrates into your CRM’s


“Exceed your goals at every stage of the buyer journey with our sales engagement platform. The Modern Revenue Workspace™ has the most critical tools for digital selling.

It’s the one place sellers can go to execute all their digital selling tasks, communicate with buyers, understand what to do next, and get the coaching and insights they need to win more deals.”

SalesLoft has a number of different products depending on your needs as a salesperson: Prospect, Sell, Engage, Enterprise.

You can track deals, manage the whole sales process and also have deep insight into individual and team analytics, too.

Completely integrable with big platforms such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Google and LinkedIn, Salesloft gives you a whole suite of services – making it a win/win for recruitment companies big and small.


Hubspot is an incredible platform that can work across a whole recruitment organisation – from your 360 consultants, to associate consultants, through to your marketing and operations.

It has a whole suite of services that are completely interconnected and integrable with your CRM, ATS, or any other tracking system that you currently have in place.

It is incredibly intelligent – giving you automation opportunities as well as being able to completely unify your sales and marketing efforts.


Lusha is a great tool for sourcing contact details from key stakeholders to make business development run much smoother.

From pulling emails and numbers to enabling you to connect with new contacts quicker.

Lusha is one of the first (and still one of the most important) tools in a recruiters tech-kit.


As voted by you, Cognism and Zoominfo were two very popular options that were submitted on a status I posted earlier last week…

So, what are they?


“We give you mobile phone numbers and B2B emails of people you want to do business with” Cognism has 98% mobile phone number accuracy, unrestricted access to key decision-makers and an easy-to-use platform setup.


Whether it’s sales, marketing, ops, or talent, ZoomInfo has you completely covered – and is particularly popular for recruiters in the USA market.

“Generate and analyze customer interactions across essential communication channels, including your sales calls, email and phone outreach, and business website.”

But, don’t forget the power of good “old-fashioned” BD, too!

Mark Thomas 

Pen, Paper, and a phone.

3 things you definitely need.

Keep it simple, focus on making a difference and BD will be enjoyable!”

Focus and Productivity


If you find organising calendars tough (because let’s be honest, it can be a nightmare sometimes)  then you need to invest in Calendly.

It’s free, syncs with your email provider and enables you (and your candidates, clients, and colleagues) to book meetings, hassle-free.

Whether it’s across timezones or something last minute – Calendly is a valuable tool to invest in.


I’ve spoken about the Pomodoro technique before – and if you struggle to focus, then this is worth investing time into.

Work in 25-minute blocks using this free online tool and you’ll definitely see an improvement in your productivity overall.


This is a project management tool which enables you to manage your own workloads as well as your teams.

This can also be great for executive search teams as you can see the lifecycle of a search, progress, and track comments in a centralised place.

Staying accountable whilst also having a complete understanding of the stage of each search.

Trello is free (with paid upgrades available) and I’ve personally used it in depth over the years.

This can also be great for smaller recruitment agencies with a centralised marketing/ops and recruitment team.

It shouldn’t replace your CRM – instead, act as a bonus to what you already have.

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