Are you adding value beyond just filling jobs?

Are you adding value beyond just filling jobs?

I’m sorry to call you out like that…but are you?

If you’re sitting there struggling to come up with an answer, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered in this edition.

Sure, if you actually boil down what your job is, it’s to fill jobs, which I’m sure you do really well.

But let’s be honest – the market is tough right now, the recruitment industry is changing, and clients want more, and rightfully so.

From a client’s perspective, if they’re paying an external partner, they want to ensure that they’re getting their money’s worth and, equally, that they have a good relationship with that recruiter/agency.

Especially HR and TA (which I know can be your biggest blocker) appreciate a holistic service and working with someone who can offer more than putting bums on seats.

Let’s get into what you can do beyond filling jobs to make a difference.

Networking calls and giving advice

Particularly in startups and SMEs, it’s likely that you’ll be working with a senior leadership team who may need advice with succession planning.

Whether this is a strategy or lining up candidates to fulfil the said strategy.

Interview processes

Although you should be doing this anyway, look to advise clients on their interview processes continuously.

Not only will this enable you to have more control over the process if they choose to partner with you, but you will be able to give them insight that will be invaluable in the long term.

Competitors landscape

What are their competitors doing, and how should they respond to it?

This could be recruitment-based but also what tech they’re using, offices openings and offering benefits.

Introductions to people who can help

The trick is not expecting anything back as a by-product of this.

Who do you know that can solve your client’s problem (even if they aren’t your client).

It pays nothing to be nice, but it will pay in the future when the client remembers what you’ve done for them.

Doing things just because you want to help (contrary to popular old-school recruitment belief) goes a much longer way than you think.

Industries are small, and everybody knows everybody – get a good reputation by simply being helpful and connecting with people.

It’ll pay off in the long term.

Industry Reports & Insights

Salary surveys on steroids

Salary surveys are a great way to engage with both clients and candidates.

But they’re relatively standard and the “done” thing nowadays.

Focus on what else you can include in your salary surveys, such as the following:

Employee Benefits

A comprehensive list of employee benefits (not just a graph showing who has what) as well as qualitative data and quotes to back up what is trending and what is adding the most value.

Popular skill sets required

What skill sets are in demand? Or, what emerging skill sets (or hybrid skill sets) do you think are needed?

If this can be backed up with data, it can be a valuable business development tool as well as informing candidates of what else they need to be upskilled on

Companies that are hiring

Don’t forget about your candidates.

Create a mailing list of your core network and reach out to candidates directly and consistently to keep them in the loop with what is going on.

There is also a considerable amount of value in creating hiring reports that can be shared with clients and candidates.

I saw this & thought of you emails.

Inspired by our good friend & mentor at Recruitment Mentors – Mark Long.

We love this tip.

Have you read or seen something and thought of a client?

Instead of keeping that thought to yourself, why don’t you share it with them?

Whether it’s an interesting article or some knowledge you’ve acquired that you know they’ll benefit from, there’s tremendous value in sharing this.

Even if you don’t get anything back.

Do this once or twice a month, and it automatically gives you a talking point the next time you decide to call them up!

Here is what it might look like in practice …

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