How to create a market update newsletter in 15 minutes

How to create a market update newsletter in 15 minutes

Creating a market update is easier than you think, however I appreciate that having a starting point as well as a solid formula can be difficult to make yourself if creativity isn’t your strong point!

I’ve created an easy-to-follow formula that can be used by anyone, at any stage in their recruitment career. I’ve made some notes along the way which you can use to modify depending on how senior you are, as well as your managerial position.

Please note that this is a guide, and over time I’m sure you’ll develop your formulas and tweak them to suit your audience.

I also recommend sending this out once a month to begin with, as you don’t want to overwhelm your audience! You could also change this to quarterly depending on your workload/how many passive candidates and clients you want to keep in touch with.


3-4 sentences summarising what the market is like currently. You could talk about:

  • What types of businesses have been scaling recently
  • What initiatives (non-recruitment based) are being spoken about right now. For example, remote working, sustainability, D&I
  • A local update if you recruit within one particular geography
  • What you anticipate the next month/quarter will bring based on your market intel
  • If you conducted a salary survey recently, what were the results?

If you’re a manager:

3-4 sentences summarising what the market is like currently across all markets. Get each individual consultant to write a sentence or two, then the whole team can benefit from the market update.

If you’re a junior consultant:

Don’t worry about covering all bases mentioned above. Pick one or two points you know that you can confidently speak about.

Live roles

This is a great opportunity (especially if you’re perm) to put some links to roles you’re currently recruiting for. If you’re contract, you can talk about upcoming projects that you may need resource for. Include links to JD’s where possible.

If you have a team, showcase 1-2 roles per person (the most urgent)

Placed roles

List the last 3-4 roles you placed and include the following:

  • Salary/day rate
  • Location
  • Role title
  • Type of company

For example: CTO | 130k | London | E-Commerce

This is a great way to showcase to passive candidates the types of roles you are working on, as well as showing clients your capabilities. If you do contract and perm, include a mix.

Referral Scheme

Always talk about your referral scheme. Hyperlink to your website if necessary, but stress how easy it is to refer someone. It may also be worth mentioning that you’re GDPR compliant and what the process will look like.

A sentence wishing everybody well and if they want to discuss anything confidentially with you (recruitment related or related to your market update) to contact you directly.

And finally…

Please make sure that you run your market update through a spell checker like Grammarly before you send it out.

This is a free extension you can add to your browser and will flag any mistakes (grammatical or spelling) for you!

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