What do you need to do to become a world-class 360 recruiter? | Part 3 of 3

What do you need to do to become a world-class 360 recruiter?

Welcome back to the final edition of our three-part series on what you need to do to become a world-class 360 recruiter.

In the last edition, we spoke all about mindset.

To recap on what you may have missed:

  • Work on how you’re perceived as a 360-recruiter internally – your personal brand within the four walls.
  • Prioritise cross-selling and champion other teams.
  • Position yourself as a consultant, not a job-filler.
  • Abundance mindset vs scarcity mindset when looking for roles.

In this edition, we’re going to be unpacking the 10 harsh realities of why people fail as a 360 consultant.

1. They don’t use multiple mediums to build relationships.

Don’t just rely on the phone. Don’t just rely on LinkedIn. Don’t just rely on events. Don’t just rely on emails.

We are SO LUCKY to live and work in a world with technology and incredible tools at our fingertips – use them all wisely and never forget the value of picking up the phone.

2. They allow others to take up too much of their time.

Do you need to be at that meeting? Are you setting boundaries? Are you letting people eat up too much of your time?

You need to have control of your diary and your time to build a successful desk, it’s a no-brainer.

3. Poor job role qualification.

Basics, basics, basics. Exceptional 360 recruiters qualify their roles in-depth and leave no stone unturned.

The basics of qualification are incredibly powerful – master those as your bread and butter and the rest will follow.

4. Head in the sand mentality instead of listening to gut instinct.

Especially when the market is tough, it’s easy to overlook red flags in clients and candidates and just hope and pray that it’ll be all ok.

Listen to your gut – if it feels like a red flag, that’s because it probably is. Great recruiters never have their heads in the sand.

They always look at things through a practical lens and ensure that their feet are planted firmly on the ground, especially in times of crisis.

5. Doing the same thing over and over expecting to get the same result.

If it isn’t broken – don’t fix it.

But, if it IS broken and you’re seeing no results – why are you still doing it? Switch things up.

Don’t fall into habits that you know you’ll gain nothing from.

What are other people doing? How is it working for them? How can you adapt things to work for you? Think outside of the box.

6. Victim mentality.

Have you heard the phrase “blame culture” before? If you have you can skip to #7 as you’ve probably had this drummed into your head in the past.

But, a victim mentality or blaming your controllable on someone or something else, will get you nowhere.

Take accountability, own your screw-ups and recognise what you can learn from.

A “woe is me” mentality – especially when the market is tough – simply gets you nowhere.

7. Not asking for help.

No one is the finished article, and we all need help sometimes.

Whether it’s a new system you’re getting to grips with or getting some BD advice because you feel a bit “rusty” – asking for help is never a weakness, in fact – it’s your biggest strength.

8. Being relentless.

To be a successful 360 recruiter, you need to be relentless.

Even when your desk is thriving and you’ve got more roles than you can count – complacency will kill your desk in the long term.

You have to consistently take risks and be relentless with everything that you do.

9. Prioritising mental and physical wellness in times of stress.

It’s easy to go to the pub or have a heavy weekend when things are tough.

And, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with blowing off steam if that’s how you need to deal with stress every now and again.

But, the reality is that in our industry we can adopt this mentality of “work hard, play hard” even when working hard is generating zero results.

Entering into a toxic cycle and not prioritising your mental and physical wellness when you’re stressed can only send you on a downward spiral.

Stay disciplined and stay accountable – and know your limits.

10. Believing they’ve “made it”.

The reality is just because you’ve made three huge placements – doesn’t make you a successful 360 recruiter.

3, 5, or even 10 years in you could lose all the clients and relationships you’ve ever built and need to start from scratch.

A successful 360 recruiter never feels like they’ve made it and they always keep themselves grounded.

A job as a recruiter can be incredibly volatile – no one is invincible.

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