Kareem Bakr – Double down on your relationships to TRULY master business development

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The key takeaways from this episode are as follows:

How to approach business development and what actions you can do to ensure it’s sustainable and results-focussed

You’ll get some solid advice on managing managers which is notoriously one of the hardest things to master in the world of recruitment

Caring about client relationships and why you shouldn’t overlook the power of giving a good service

Executing excellent numbers year on year: The recipe for success


This week I’m joined by Kareem Bakr from Phaidon International.

He has had an incredible career thus far, spending 10 years building his desk with Selby Jennings before joining Phaidon in October 2022 to continue expanding their offerings. He is a respected leader and business development professional – and it was great to sit down with him and pick his brains on everything recruitment.

You can connect with Kareem on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kareem-bakr-37714184/


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