We rebranded; here’s why

You may have noticed that we have made a few changes around here.

We’ve had fantastic feedback from our customers, partners and community since revealing our new brand.

So we thought we would take a minute to explain why the change.
Why we rebranded?

We have always had the same mission from the start of our journey: to help thousands of recruiters achieve their potential.

But, how we achieve our mission has continued to evolve with time.

The initial concept was an events business hosting monthly face-to-face professional development events for recruiters to attend each month.

But COVID had other ideas.

So we then evolved this to be an online learning community where like-minded recruiters with the same goal would hang out.

Our first group of 35 founding members joined the community in November 2020.

We then started to partner directly with recruitment companies to support them in upskilling their teams by having access to our online learning community.

We partnered with our first ten founding companies in June 2021 to work closely with them to get feedback on our overall service and solution.

For the last two years, we’ve worked tirelessly to improve our online learning platform to become a true all-in-one training platform for growing recruitment companies.

After working closely with our customers for the last six to twelve months, we’re finally rolling out an array of improvements to our overall learning platform that our customers have been crying out for.

It’s why we felt it was the perfect time for us to rebrand in line with releasing all of these positive changes.

Plus, if we’re being honest, we were also too closely aligned with our podcast because it was called ‘The Recruitment Mentors Podcast’ It would sometimes confuse people when we told them that ‘Recruitment Mentors’ was a training platform and not part of the podcast. 😅

What we have become and the pillars our new improved all-in-one training & development platform’s built on

We have had to learn the hard way that providing great training content isn’t enough of a strategy to have the impact our customers want when partnering with an external training partner.

Here are the pillars we believe make a proper all-in-one training & development platform – here is what we’re building Hector on.

At the core: The most up-to-date training & development available in the industry delivered by current top performers.

Pillar #1, Learn by doing, not just theory: Enable your teams to apply what they learn and implement the training on our learning platform.

Pillar #2, Implementation & Follow-Up: World-class customer success and implementation support to ensure training isn’t ineffective.

Pillar #3, Data & Analytics: Clear visibility on your team’s progress, usage, insight into skill gaps + further development needs.

Pillar #4, Tools, Templates & Frameworks: Curated resources for your teams to utilise and assets that support your business’s growth.

The exciting new releases we’re bringing our customers

Some of the features and product updates our customers have been requesting for some time that we’re so excited to release.

Learn from anywhere: Learn while on the go with our brand-new mobile learning app or from the sales floor on the desktop.

Learning insights to drive performance: Get equipped with all the insights you need with our new and improved analytics suite.

Action tasks and assignments: Learners can now apply what they learn on our platform through written, voice, and video action tasks reviewed by managers presenting brilliant coaching opportunities.

Plus so much more to come.

Last but not least, why Hector?

Firstly, it sounds bloody cool, and we wanted it to be called something entirely different from Recruitment Mentors.

However, the story of Hector will resonate with a lot of recruiters.

Hector originates from Greek mythology.

He became the greatest of Troy’s warriors through training, hard work, & courage.

But most importantly, Hector is remembered for his bravery.

Great recruiters choose to be brave every day.

We believe exceptional recruiters are a lot like Hector and think it’s the perfect name for our newly improved training platform that will support thousands of recruiters’ bravery throughout their careers.

Thank you so much to everyone who has been part of the journey so far, and we’re so excited to continue working towards our vision of changing the industry’s perception for good with Hector.

Let’s go! 🚀

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